CFHT-Gemini exchange time.

The Gemini Call for Proposal is now open. The deadline for applications from French PIs is October 1 2017 23:59 UT. The deadline for CA and UH PIs is as assigned via those partners' normal Gemini procedures.

Information specific to CFHT users

You will find here information specific to CFHT users that want to use the Gemini Telescopes for the 2018A call for proposal.

Time allocations

In exchange for use of GRACES and access to Espadons, the CFHT community has access to both Gemini North and South telescopes via the Gemini Call for Proposals. In 2018A a total of three nights are available on all the instruments at Gemini North and South. These three nights are divided across the CFHT community as:

Canada: 12.8 hours, nominally 6.4 hours at each North and South.
France: 12.8 hours, nominally 6.4 hours at each North and South.
UH: 4.5 hours at Gemini North only.

The Gemini Phase I Tool

The Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT) must be used for proposal preparation and submission to all of the Gemini participating countries. It can be downloaded from the Gemini PIT page. Please consult the PIT help pages for information about proposal submission.

Canadian and UH members of the CFHT community should access Gemini time as they would normally via the Canadian and UH TACs; the additional time is folded into the Gemini partner time.

French members of the CFHT community should also apply for time using the Gemini Phase 1 Tool. In the "Time Requests" tab, using the "Proposal Class" drop down menu, French users have to select "Classical Observing at Gemini". The French community exchange time is classical mode only. In the "request Type" drop down menu select "Exchange Request (CFH PIs)". Please note that CFHT will transfer the French time to the Canadian Queue.

Gemini instrumentation

A list of the Gemini North and South facility instruments is provided here for your convenience. However, the sole source of informating concerning availability and capability of Gemini's instruments is located at the official page for Gemini instrumentation.

Gemini North instruments:

ALTAIR (facility natural/laser guide star AO system).
GMOS (multi-object, long-slit and IFU spectrograph and imager).
GNIRS (1-5µm long-slit and 0.9-2.5µm cross-dispersed spectrograph; formerly at Gemini South)
NIFS (1.0-2.5µm integral field spectrograph)
NIRI (1-5µm imager)
GRACES (0.4-1.0μm high resolution spectrograph)
TEXES (10-20µm high resolution spectrograph)

Gemini South instruments.

FLAMINGOS-2 (long-slit spectrograph and imager.
GeMS (Multi-conjugate adaptive optics system)
GMOS (multi-object, long-slit and IFU spectrograph and imager).
GPI (adaptive-optics imaging polarimeter/integral-field spectrometer).
GSAOI (high-resolution imager for use with Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics system "GeMS").
DSSI/Speckle (diffraction-limited optical imager).
Pheonix (High resolution spectrograph).

Good luck and clear skies!