d CFHT Cloudcams

Click any date below to view the movie or click here to download the selected movie as an MPEG4 file. Movies can take up to a few minutes to load.

Lenticular cloud formation (thanks Joshua Williams)

Sprites from hurricane Hilda (thanks Steve Cullen)

Strange blur in geostationary orbit, most likely a fuel dump from an Atlas launch vehicle .

A lightning storm

Atmospheric flare from a Minuteman ICBM launched from California towards the Marshall Islands (thanks Ichi Tanaka) [more info]

Time-lapse video of the 2011 realuminizing of the CFHT primary mirror. 13 minute video can take a while to load. (thanks T. Vermeulen)

Alternating layers of Cirrus

Funny little leaping clouds

Dramatic rainshowers, right before sunrise mars, venus, mercury, jupiter all rise at once

Several satellites, including geo-stationary satellites at the beginning of the night

Lenticular cloud formation (thanks D. Salmon)

A software bug cased us to accidentally catch an entire week of dramatic Mauna Kea weather in one video (takes a long time to load) (thanks Riccardo of Italy)