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76th Meeting of the
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Scientific Advisory Council

12-14 November 2009 - Waimea, Hawaii



The meeting will start on Thursday, 12 November, with the following schedule:


09:00 – 10:00 CFHT TAC
10:00 – 11:30 Science talk:
The MiMeS Large Program: Overview and First Results (G. Wade)

Afternoon and evening: Summit visit
(see details in call for meeting)

The meeting will resume on Friday through Saturday, 13-14 November, 09:00-18:00.

Friday, 13 November


  1. Instrument operation and development
    a. MegaPrime/MegaCam operation
    b. WIRCam
    c. ESPaDOnS – Crosstalk, New Detector and Software: status
    d. ‘OHANA
    e. CFHT environmental data and dome seeing studies
    1. DIMM and Dome Seeing
    2. Mauna Kea Atmospheric Monitor and ASIVA (All Sky Infrared
      and Visible Analyzer

  2. Technical activities report
    a. OAP
    b. AO and LGS (Laser Guide Star related activities)
    c. Telescope operation: DEC pointing problem
    d. Discussion by SAC of project priorities

Lunch with CFHT staff - CFHT Headquarters


  1. New Instrumentation: development / feasibilities studies

a. SPIRou
d. MegaMOS

Close session (17h-18h)

Saturday, 14 November


  1. Telescope use and scheduling
    a. 2010A schedule
    b. Trends in instrument use
    c. QSO report
    d. Discretionary and Engineering time use for 2009

  2. CFHTLS and Large Programs
    a. CFHTLS Steering Group progress report
    b. Current Large Programs progress report
    c. New Large Programs Call: report

  3. CFHT Users’ Meeting - November 2010
    a. Theme
    b. Potential Complementary Forum Workshop

  4. Future of CFHT
    a. CFHT’s Golden Age: Status
    b. INSU Prospective Exercise feedback
    c. Ongoing preparations for the Canadian Large Range Planning Plan: update

  5. Other items
    a. SAC/TAC membership; chairmanship
    b. Next meeting

Close session (16h-18h)