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Additional information
CFH12K/MegaPrime comparison- 01/04/03
MegaPrime optics transmission - 01/05/03
MegaCam CCD QE - Modified file - 01/05/11  (the measured data re still available here)
Al coating reflectance - 01/05/03
A note on the filters - 01/05/04
Hours lost to weather per night - Last ~718 days - 01/05/11
A simulation of the SNe component of the CFHLS - 01/07/17 (P. Astier - in French)
Photometric redshifts in the CFHLS  (ps)  (ps.gz) - 01/07/17 (R. Pello et al.)
CFHLS data flow (work in progress!!) (pdf) - 01/07/20 (C. Veillet)
Recommendation of the CFHT SAC (June 01) on the CFHLS - 01/07/26
The CFHLS in short... a draft version (pdf)- 01/09/11
The CFHLS proposal to SAC is now available... 01/10/19
ps  (1025kB) - ps.gz  (327kB) - pdf  (768kB)
The appendix on SNe is  also available... (01/10/29)
ps (619kB)  -  ps.gz (182kb) - pdf (493)

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