The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey Supernova Program (SNLS) primary goal is to measure the equation of state of Dark Energy. It was designed to precisely measure several hundred Type Ia supernovae at redshifts between about 0.3 and unity.

The SNLS survey consists of:

  • A large imaging survey at CFHT
    Between 2003 and 2008, the CFHT Legacy Survey detected and monitored about 1000 supernovae with Megaprime at the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope .

  • A large spectroscopic survey
    About 500 high-redshift Type Ia SNe were observed on 8m class telescopes (Gemini, VLT, Keck). The primary goal was to obtain Supernova identification and redshift. Detailed spectroscopy of a subsample of distant SNe was also done to validate the use of Type Ia SNe as cosmological candles.

Combined 3-year Constraints

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