CFHT Information Bulletin, number 39, Second Semester 1998

Comings and Goings

Observing assistant, John Hamilton, left CFHT on July 15 to accept a job with Gemini. Most, if not all, of our regular observers will know John as he has worked at CFHT as a Telescope Operator/Observing Assistant since 1983. Besides his skillful operation of the telescope, observers will remember John for his eclectic music collection that he always shared with observers. The Gemini position will allow John to spend a bit less time at the summit and more time with his family as some of the work will be based at Gemini's Hilo headquarters. John, mahalo nui loa.

Observing assistant, Marie-Claire Hainaut, has accepted the position on our regular staff left open by John's departure. Marie-Claire has held a supernumerary position at CFHT since March 1997. Marie-Claire has had previous experience as a telescope operator on UKIRT and the UH 88". She has fit extremely well with the OA program at CFHT and has become very familiar with PUEO.

Pierre Martin joined the staff as a Canadian Resident Astronomer in September 1997. Previously, Pierre had a support position at ESO where he was responsible for the refurbished EMMI (check out Pierre's homepage for the real meaning of this acronym). Pierre is responsible for OASIS and Fabry Perot systems at CFHT. Pierre's science interests include the morphology and chemical evolution of galaxies, especially barred systems.

Slavek Rucinski joined CFHT as Canadian Resident Astronomer in August 1997. Slavek comes to CFHT with many years of experience in a broad range of observing techniques. Slavek is responsible for Gecko and the coudé fiber feed project. His science interests relate to the problem of angular momentum evolution in stellar systems. Most of his current work is in the area of binary stars.

Jean-Louis Villecroze joined us in April 1998 from the Observatoire de Lyon where he was a software engineer on the Oasis project. At CFHT, he is working in a supernumerary position with the software group where he continues to support Oasis as well as Pegasus. He also assists in general systems administration for CFHT computer systems.

Nikela Meheula was welcomed in May at CFHT to fill the position of Observatory Facility Manager. "Nick" has a varied experience base starting from ship engine room mechanic to Chief Electrician on board ships in the Merchant Marine. Following these positions, Nick was the plant maintenance leadman for the Oahu transit services. Most recently he supervised design and construction of industrial automation systems for Clemco Pacific in Honolulu.

Rosemary Alles returned to CFHT in February in a regular staff position after briefly working in Hilo for Science and Technology International. While at STI, she worked with C++ and Java in the area of hyperspectral image processing and data acquisition. She rejoins us to continue her work with the TCSIV project and is very excited to be back.

Steve Massey left at the beginning of March 1998, after over 7 years at CFHT to work for the Gemini 8-Meter Telescope Project. During his time at CFHT, Steve made important contributions to the development of detectors system and in particular to Redeye the first IR array detector at CFHT.

Sue Ann Healey returned to southern California after 9 months in Hawaii. While at CFHT she worked in the Software Group helping in the development of the KIR filter wheel controller.

Eric Willett resigned from his position as a member of the summit crew in June of this year. He has a long history on the mountain as he has been with CFHT since 1982. In this time, Eric worked on most aspects of the telescope mechanics and the building. His responsibilities included maintaining the air conditioning and hydraulic systems. We will miss Eric's wide knowledge base and eagerness to respond to callouts.

Bob Anderson, after serving as head of the electronic's group for just over one year, left us in May to continue his consulting work with various high tech industries and is reportedly planning a new business as captain of a scuba dive boat.

Editor: Dr. Timothy M. C. Abbott,
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