CFHT Information Bulletin, number 39, Second Semester 1998

OASIS Status Report

Pierre Martin, CFHT, Resident Astronomer,

Actual Status:

OASIS, the multi-mode spectro imager built by Lyon Observatory, has been extensively used in January (7 nights of engineering and instrument evaluation by external experts) and March (17 nights of engineering, commissionning and normal utilisation by the usual CFHT observers). Despite a bad seeing during most of these nights (sometimes up to 3"!), useful science data have been gathered. The instrument performed extremely well and the user's interface was found to be easy to use and quite robust. On the other hand, XOASIS, the data reduction software developed by Lyon has been used for the first time by normal users. They were generally very impressed by how easy it is to reduce data taken with the TIGER mode of OASIS. Since then, a new version of the software has been produced (development continues) and is available on the Lyon OASIS site at

During the engineering nights in March, several important pending issues were addressed:

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