CFHT Information Bulletin, number 38, First Semester 1998

Observatory Manuals on the Web

Liz Bryson, CFHT, (

For some time now, you have heard me express the need for an international clearinghouse for observatory manuals and documents. At long last, I am elated to report that this project is about to become a reality. Thanks to a grant from NASA ( described at , or ), the good folks at Space Telescope will provide a hypertext link to those institutions who have their manuals and technical documents online. The protocol for this project will be set up along the same lines as STScI's ASDS database which you can check out at:

Just think : no more searching at the last minute for that manual before your run; no more frantic calls to the observatory that the printer won't download your files; and no more cries of help to secretaries to please send current manual, the last one was taken from the library!

Send your URL's to me today. Tell your friends. Tell everyone. We're happening.

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