Bulletin No. 37, 1997 Second Semester

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CFHT Information Bulletin Number 37, Semester 97II



Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades
Infrared Polarimetric Maps Of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
WISP: The CFHT Wide-field Imaging Symbiotic Program


MEGACAM: A Status Report
Weak Lensing with MEGACAM for Cosmology
Simulated grens images for MEGACAM
Photometric redshifts with Megacam
Combined Megacam/XMM large scale investigations
Ultra-deep multispectral surveys for evolution of galaxies with MEGACAM
White Dwarfs in the Galactic Halo
MEGACAM Observations of the Stellar Halo. Wide Angle Photometric Surveys
Probing the Centaurs and Edgeworth-Kuiper belt object populations, the source of short period comets
A Deep Wide Field Imaging Survey with CFHT


KIR: A New 1k x 1k IR Camera for the AOB
GenX - A New Data Acquisition Environment for CFHT
The CFH12k Mosaic Camera
CFH12k Filters
TCS IV Progress Report
Optics Group Report
Upgrade to CFHT Headquarters-Summit Data Communications
Telescope Upper-End Seating and Measurement Project
The CFHT Refereed Publications Database
Utilisation des instruments du TCFH au cours des trois derniers semestres.
Observing Statistics for Semester 1997II

CFHT Information Bulletin Number 37, Semester 97II

Timothy M. C. Abbott
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