CFHT Information Bulletin Number 37, Semester 97II


Timothy M. C. Abbott, CFHT (

Some readers may be puzzled to note that we have not distributed hardcopies of Bulletin Number 36. I had originally planned to offer an electronic edition for the general readership and a small number of hardcopies for libraries and similar institutions. As it has turned out, it would cost almost as much to print the required couple of hundred hardcopies through a small print run as it would to print the couple of thousand we had produced for earlier editions. The CFHT executive has therefore decided that we shall experiment with a fully electronic publication for four issues. If this is satisfactory to the community, we will make this a permanent policy. Given the very rapid evolution of the periodicals industry in the face of the popularization of the Internet, we expect that we are simply helping lead the way.

Nevertheless, the Bulletin will still be compiled using appropriate typesetting software to allow the production of a hardcopy via a postscript file. This postscript file will be available on the CFHT web pages alongside the HTML version. Readers who prefer to read a paper copy can download this file and print a copy for themselves. New editions will be announced by email, if you wish to be on that mailing list, please contact the editor.

In this, the 37th edition of the CFHT Bulletin, I have departed a little from my previous layout with the inclusion of a special section dedicated to the CFHT wide-area imaging project, Megacam. This section begins with a project status update followed by a selection of articles derived from presentations given at the Megacam Science Workshop held in Toronto in May 1997. Short of actually building the telescope, this is the most ambitious project ever embarked upon by CFHT, the interest of the community is high, and the staff of CFHT are excited by this proposed revolution in our observing capabilities.

CFHT Information Bulletin Number 37, Semester 97II
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