CFHT Information Bulletin Number 37, Semester 97II

The CFHT Refereed Publications Database

Liz Bryson, CFHT (

The CFHT refereed publications database is a reality. In 1983, Liz Bryson, Librarian, and then,Executive Director, Dr. Gerard Lelievre, initiated a project collating and summarizing data from CFHT refereed papers. The information was installed on d-Base II. Unfortunately, this project was abandoned until Dr. Pierre Couturier expressed interest in its revival, primarily due to a paper published by Virginia Trimble entitled, "Papers and Citations Resulting from Data Collected at Large, American Optical Telescopes," which appeared in PASP, 107, 977. Dr. Trimble's assertions, based solely on North American publications, placed CFHT as sixth in citation productivity amongst the leading observatories, in spite of the fact that 45% of CFHT's papers are published in European journals. Subsequent to this article, a recent publication in BAAS, 29, 31, cited Dr. Trimble as placing CFHT second to AAO in papers and productivity .

Thus, in response to her papers,as well as the growing need to accurately evaluate CFHT's productivity, we have now established a database with refereed papers covering the years 1990-1996. Here is a current assessment of our refereed publications over the past seven years: Astronomical Journal: 144, Astrophysical Journal: 149, Astrophysical Journal-SS: 11, Astronomy & Astrophysics: 115, Astronomy & Astrophys.-SS: 23, Astronomy & Astrophys. Review: 4, Astro. Lett. & Comm.: 2, Experimental Astron.: 5, Geophysical Research: 3, Icarus: 11, J. Opt. Soc. Am: 2, JRASC: 4, MNRAS: 13, Nature: 8, PASP: 38, Science: 1,Solar Physics: 1, Spectrochimica Acta: 1. In the very near future, you will be able to access this information on the CFHT web site.

The CFHT publications information was acquired from three sources: 1. CFHT pre/reprints, 2. Personal scanning of all major journals, and 3. Observers' request forms. Following the perusal of the aforementioned documents, Dr. Marc Azzopardi fine-tuned the project by citing off-shoot writings and designating instrumentation, focus, and key words to the articles. Dr. David Bohlender designed the database utilizing the PC software program, Access, which enables one to download statistics regarding the publications as they relate to number of citations,focus, instrument, journal, keyword, and author. The citation references were acquired from ISI's (Institute for Scientific Information) multidisciplinary index, SCISEARCH. They will be monitored and updated annually.

The project will be adding the year 1997 and eventually including the years prior to 1990. The value of such a database will not only enable the Executive a critical analyses of CFHT's publications but also enable the corporation to exchange this information with the Canadian Astronomical Data Centre for use by the greater astronomical community.

CFHT Information Bulletin Number 37, Semester 97II
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