Comings and Goings

Jean-Luc Beuzit joined CFHT as our newest Resident Astronomer in January by way of Geneva, ESO, and Grenoble. Jean-Luc has much experience with infrared cameras, including ISOCAM, and the ESO adaptive optics systems COME-ON and ADONIS. This experience and knowledge will be very useful for the commissioning and support of both AOB and OSIS-IR.

Jean-Charles Cuillandre joined the CFHT detector group as detector engineer in December 1996. Hi first degree is in electronics engineering and he has just completed a Ph.D. (Toulouse) in astrophysics which covered wide field imaging and faint object spectroscopy under the supervision of Yannick Mellier and Bernard Fort. Jean-Charles was instrumental in the development and completion of the CCD mosaic camera MOCAM. He enjoys bicycling on the slopes of the Big Island and windsurfing on the swell of the Pacific !

Christian Veillet joined CFHT as Resident astronomer in September, arriving from Observatoire Cote d'Azure/CERGA. Christian spent the last 12 years developing the OCA Lunar Laser Ranging station and initiating space experiments using light for sub-nanosecond time transfer. His move to CFHT is a complete turnaround of his activities! Besides his duties in support of MOS and SIS, and the study of the impact of laser guide stars on CFHT, he is using UH8K images (and CFH12K ones in the future) to detect moving objects.

Brian Wallace, a third year physics student from the University of Victoria with honours physics and a declared major and astronomy is visititng CFHT through UVIC's co-operative education program. He is working with Jerome Bouvier helping to reduce UH8K data of the Pleiades, Praesepe and other fields with the goal of identifying potential brown dwarf candidates in the Pleiades cluster.

Rosemary Alles left the TCS IV project at the end of 1996 to take a position with SETS in Hilo. Rosemary joined CFHT in July 1995, coming to us from Keck, where she worked on the primary mirror support control system. She was instrumental in getting the TCS IV project going and turning ideas into (software) reality. During her time at CFHT, she developed the telescope simulator which has been used to facilitate testing of control software without having to use the actual telescope.

Marc Azzopardi returned to France after a one year stay at CFHT. As well as pursuing his own research program, Marc worked with Liz Bryson on the CFHT publication database during his time here. In fact, Liz has Marc continuing this work even though he is safely back in France!

David Bohlender departed CFHT in October after over 4 years of dedicated service as Resident Astronomer to our communities. David was actively involved in many aspects of CFHT life including Gecko and FTS support, our Web and documentation efforts and java (the liquid type) support for our librarian. David has taken a position with the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre at DAO but we expect to see him back as an active user of CFHT in the future.

After 4 years at CFHT, Mark Laurance left us in August 1996. An instrumentation technician, Mark's responsibilities included the maintenance of the coude spectrographs and designing a fiber feed to the Gecko spectrograph. Mark also purchased and implemented the Shimadzu Spectrophotometer, and supervised the scanning of all of the CFH filters. He has moved on to the Silicon Valley area in California where he is currently employed by Technical Instrument Co.

Scot McArthur, Electronics Engineer and Group Head, tended his resignation from CFHT last November. During his four years of leadership, Scott was the driving force behind the design and construction of a new Cassegrain Bonnette Control system, steered the Adaptive Optics Bonnette thorugh its very successful delivery and acceptance phases mastered the Fourier Transform Spectrograph, and provided the sound effects for many a meeting. His experience and leadership, as well as his boundless energy and enthusiasm will be sorely missed. These traits go with him to his new life on O'ahu and his challenging work with SETS Technologies.

Terry McArthur, a "temporary" employee since January 1995, left CFHT in December to move back to O'ahu with her husband Scot. Terry worked on the problem tracking Schema using the Remedy Action Request system and documenting, reorganizing and increasing the data rate of the data logger sensors.

Steve Milner arried at CFHT in June 1994 where he served as head of the detector group until October 1996. During that period, Steve's area of responsibility encompassed all areas of detector support, the GEN III controller, the FTS diodes project, and the implementation of a small camera laboratory facility at the summit. Steve's calm and rational approach to problem solving will the greatly missed but will no doubt prove to be invaluable in the running of his own business.

Christian Vanderriest returned to France after three years as Resident Astronomer. Christian was an active user of MOS for which he implemented an ARGUS mode. While at CFHT he was able to maintain a vigorous research program on top of support duties and we expect to see Christian as a user of MOS/ARGUS and the OASIS spectrograph in the future. Will that be paper or plastic?

Mark Weber will be leaving us at the end of January 1997. Mark joined CFHT in February of 1994, coming over from the Institute for Astronomy. Mark has been actively involved in the development and support of data acquisition software for CFHT instruments and has always been at the front lines in helping our observers get the best from their time. His broad life-experience and tales of exotic travel will be missed after he returns to IfA to work in the Subaru project.

Jean-Pierre Veran and Olivier Lai spent three months at CFHT in the late spring to give us a hand during the AO Bonnette commissioning. Jean Pierre was successful in testing the AOB related software that allows a semi-real time determination of the turbulence conditions and the AO compensated point spread function. Olivier helped to characterize the AO Bonnette performance and gather data on starburst galaxies for his PhD (he very successfully defended his PhD thesis this past December in France).
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