Building and Dome

The upgrade of the 9 ton crane's load capacity to 12 tons took place at the end of May . The upgrades required installation of new cable drums, reinforcements of critical components, the addition of travel limit bumpers, and load testing. The crane is now officially rated by Transcrane at 12 tons in accordance with loads associated with the upper ends. An attempt to add load metering using equipment developed by Transcrane was not as successful. This unit and its strain-gauge readout system has been returned to Transcrane for further development. We currently have no load metering capability while handling upper ends. At the same time we took the opportunity to replace electrical cabling between the crane and crane cab due to age-related deterioration.

Office space on the 4th floor has been re-organized to include work space for T.O.s and to add a small document /library facility.

A dome drive friction wheel disintegrated in mid semester and was replaced with a spare.

As our contribution to coordinated summit clean up operations organized by MKSS, 6 CFHT staff volunteers spent a day cleaning the mountain slopes and plateau directly to the East of the CFHT building down to about the 11,000 ft level. The team gathered and consolidated trash (new and previously collected) for future removal by helicopter. We also took this opportunity to clean outside our dome building by removing old crates and oil drums.
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