Requests for the Gecko runs in September 2003
Gecko RED/ UV/ RED + CAFE + EEV1 (to PCI)
And 1 E-night with Gecko RED + MIT2

Please check that the filters and pellicles for the Exposure Meter are cleaned of dust. Thanks!

RunID PI Wavelength Order Grism/Filter Special Request
03BF17 Black 6148 9 #1521 and RED Gecko RED for first night of F17
Do setup with filter and grism, observers will chose on a star (or ff lamp)
    4252 13 UV Gecko RED for first night of F17
Observers want 4232 and 4273Å and this is the middle wavelength. If both wavelengths are not comfortably seen on the chip, observers will want to use setups for individual wavelengths (below).
    4232 13 UV Gecko RED for first night of F17
    4273 13 UV Gecko RED for first night of F17
03BF17 Black 3578 16 UV Gecko UV for second night of F17
03BF29 Vidal-Madjar 3930 14 UV Gecko UV
03BC9 Shkolnik 3947 14 UV Gecko UV
03BC11 Bohlender 4455 12 BLUE Gecko RED
Wavelengths used previously, geckosets should already exist for those.
    6648 8 #1617 Gecko RED
    7281 8 #1711 Gecko RED
03BD1 Manset 6565 8 #1617 Gecko RED
H alpha
    5875 9 #1521 Gecko RED
Wavelength used in July 2000
03BE1 CFHT 8082 7 RED Gecko RED + MIT2
All these wavelengths are for throughput measurements, so it's not mandatory to get the absolute best resolution possible.
    7281 8 #1711 Gecko RED
I'll use Bohlender's setup.
    6148 9 RED Gecko RED
I'll use Black's setup.
    5143 11 BLUE Gecko RED
    4041 14 UV Gecko RED