Requests for the Gecko run in 2001A (June)

(Last Update: May 31, 2001)

RunID PI Wavelength Order Grism/Filter Special Request
C16 Walker 5109 11 BLUE? or #1520? See Notes 1 and 2
    3789 15 UV  
    7800 7 #1704  
    4232 13 BLUE  
    3947 14 UV  

Note 1: Bohlender says: "First two wavelengths are the priority. I can likely set up the other values upon arrival if necessary."

Note 2: Bohlender says: "For 5109, filter band pass is almost too wide and I don't see another appropriate filter (1415 will almost certainly allow some leak from adjacent orders). Perhaps blue grism is better/safer to avoid getting 10th/12th order leak???"