CFHT, Instruments, Spectroscopy, Gecko: The Coudé f/4 Spectrograph

Web Manual for Gecko and CAFE

  1. Introduction

  2. The Coudé focus

    1. The Coudé room
    2. CAFE, the CAssegrain Fiber Environment

  3. Gecko, the CFHT Coudé f/4 Spectrograph

    1. Slicers and Slits
    2. Order Sorting Filters
    3. Order Sorting Grisms
    4. Collimator
    5. Hartmann Mask
    6. The 316l/mm Echellette Mosaic Grating
    7. The f/4 Camera and Detector Environment
    8. Detectors
    9. Exposure Meter
    10. Comparison and Flat Field Lamps
    11. Performance and Throughput estimates

    Shortcuts to useful tables and figures:

    1. Order Sorting Filters (table)
    2. Characteristics of the Order Sorting Grisms (table)
    3. Central Wavelength, Dispersion and Coverage for each Order (table)
    4. Disperson vs Wavelength (figure)
    5. Resolution vs Wavelength (figure)
    6. Theoretical responses for the different Orders (figure)

  4. CAFE, the CAssegrain Fiber Environment

    Information about CAFE can be found in the previous sections. The CAFE Project Web Page contains further information, such as a Short Description, and the Detailed Maintenance Manual. CFHT Bulletins also contain articles on the CAFE project and status: Bull. #41, page 14, PS format and Bull. #42, pages 32-33, PS format.

  5. Observing with Gecko

    1. Starting the Gecko Session
    2. Optimum use of the 3 screens
    3. The 'gs' script
    4. The EEV/Gecko Controls Window
      1. Gecko Configuration
        • Flat field Lamp
        • Comparison Lamp
        • Slit shutter
        • Exposure Meter Pellicle
        • Exposure Meter Filter
        • Exposure Meter Shutter
        • Filter Wheel
        • Grism
        • Hartmann Masks
      2. EEV/Deti Expose
      3. Focus/Align Tool
      4. Grating Calculator
    5. How to use the Grapher
    6. Examples of calibration exposures viewed with SAO Image
    7. Observing Checklist

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