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CFHT Coudé Comparison Arc
Spectral Atlases

HTML version created by David Bohlender

This spectral atlas consists of data acquired with the decommissioned coudé f/8.2 spectrograph. The resolution you can expect with Gecko is higher by a factor of approximately four. Note also that at the moment the plotting routine is guaranteed to work for wavelength ranges of a few 100Å only, but this is more than enough for Gecko purposes.

Select Lamp Type (wavelength coverage is in parentheses):

Thorium Argon (3770 to 9290Å)
Iron Argon (2700 to 9640Å)
Cadmium Neon (2820 to 9500Å)
Thorium Neon (2700 to 9650Å)

Lower wavelength (in Å):
Upper wavelength (in Å):