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Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

User's Manual for Scanning Fabry-Perot Spectrography

R. Arsenault
Version 3.1
July, 1997

OSIS Status

OSIS has been on the sky in February and May 1996. Engineering and commissionning have been completed although the weather took many hours during the enginneering. Both mode, visible and infrared, have been tested with STIS2 as visible detector and RedEye wide as the infrared detector. The subsequent runs for visiting observers proved successful also.

OSIS has been used routinely since its first engineering run in May 1996. OSIS/FP has also been tested and used several times by visiting observers.

There is no plan to implement an Infrared FP mode in OSIS. The astronomical need for such mode has to be justified. However, this could be accomplished relatively simply. It would require an etalon dedicated for the wavelength of interest. Obviously, the etalon in a standard OSIS/FP configuration would be at ambient temperature which would make this mode useful only for the shortest near IR wavelengths.

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