SPIRou News
2017, March:

SPIRou just had its first light in the lab! Read the full story by the SPIRou team. As expected, more iterations are necessary to optimize the system alignement. Several calibration lamps were observed and the echelle orders look as expected.

2017, November:

Performance and characterization of SPIRou are ongoing in the lab in Toulouse . An acceptance review follows and decides that the instrument is ready for the next phase of its life, atop Maunakea.

2017, December:

SPIRou has been shipped to CFHT. It was then installed in the coude room at the end of January.

2018, March:

The first functionnal tests on SPIRou are ongoing. The cryostat was closed, pumped and cooled down from February 16 to March 15 for its first thermal cycle. Also, on March 5, the Cassegrain unit was successfully tested for acquisition and guiding on typical stars that SPIRou will observe. The guiding system as well as the cryogenic spectrograph have been behaving in the expected way and shown similar performances than before their dismounting and shipping.

A second cycle has been started on March 23, after the inclusion of the final H4RG detector at the focal plane.

2018, April:

First images with the H4RG detector are of exquisite quality. Also the full spectral range is seen for the first time. The pipeline team is working to adapt the data reduction system to the new data format. First light is scheduled for 24 April. Stay tuned!