CFHT, Instruments, Queue Scheduling

The QSO Project

QSO Manager: N. Manset
System Programmer: T. Vermeulen
Database Specialist: B. Mahoney
QSO Operations Specialist: T. Burdullis
Remote Observers: A. Draginda, P. Forshay, L. Wells, D. Woodworth
Queue Coordinators: T. Burdullis, N. Manset, D. Devost, S. Arnouts, G. Morrison, K. Thanjavur, E. Martioli
The Man Behind it All: Pierre Martin


QSO Project Technical Documentation

Disclaimer: The QSO Project will always be a "work in progress". The information contained in the following documentation is subject to be
outdated according to new technical or scientific requirements identified during the development and testing phases of the Project.

Newest Documents (chronological order)

  • QSO Project Timeline
  • QSO Scope Document (QSO-001.pdf) (11/19/1999; Martin & Savalle)
  • QSO Database Servers (QSO-002.pdf) (11/23/1999; Savalle & Martin)
  • QSO Phase I Tool Options (QSO-003.pdf) (01/19/2000; Savalle & Martin)
  • QSO/NEO Interface (QSO-004.pdf) (09/04/2000; Savalle, Isani & Martin )
  • TAC Evaluation of QSO Proposals (QSO-005.pdf) (04/15/2002; Martin)
  • QSO Phase II Tool Specs and design (QSO-006.pdf) (05/04/2000; Martin & Savalle)
  • QSO Phase II Database (QSO-007.pdf) (06/13/2000; Savalle & Martin)
  • Phase II Tool: Detailed Design (QSO-008.pdf) (06/16/2000; Savalle)
  • "Two Person Rule": A QSO Perspective (QSO-010.pdf) (06/02/2000; Martin & Woodworth)
  • "Preliminary Observing Rules for CFH12K" (QSO-011.pdf) (05/06/2000; Martin)
  • "Design of the Electronic Logbook" (QSO-012.pdf) (11/13/2000; Martin)
  • QSO Night Reports (QSO-013.pdf) (01/03/2001; Martin)
  • Guidelines for QSO Runs (QSO-014.pdf) (01/11/2001; Martin)
  • Moving Fields (QSO-015.pdf) (11/09/2001; Savalle & Martin)
  • 2002 SPIE meeting paper
  • Phase 2 and QSO Tools for MegaPrime (QSO-017.pdf) (10/30/2002; Martin & Savalle)
  • QSO Semester Boundaries (QSO-018.pdf) (04/19/2002; Martin)
  • GUSTAF Design Document (QSO-019.pdf) (10/29/2002; Shapiro)
  • GUSTAF Implementation Details v1.2 (QSO-020.pdf) (1/21/2003; Shapiro)
  • Guide Star Status Value Design v1.1 (QSO-021.pdf) (4/14/2003; Shapiro)
  • MegaCam breaker Specifications (QSO-023.pdf) (07/03/2003; Savalle)
  • CFHTLS Statistics Page (QSO-024.pdf) (07/08/2003; Martin)
  • Guide star acquisition with WIRCam:astrometry (QSO-026.pdf) (12/03/2003; Martin)
  • WIRCam exposure strategy (QSO-027.pdf) (02/13/2004; Martin)
  • PH2 for WIRCam (QSO-028) (04/19/05 Martin
  • Description of QSO statistics and Revision of Statistics Tool (QSO-029) (08/02/2004; Martin & Savalle)
  • WIRCam Breaker Specifications (QSO-030) (07/07/2005; Mahoney & Martin)
  • QSO for ESPaDOnS: Scope (QSO-031) (02/15/2007; Martin)

  • Old Documents
  • CFH12k Queued Observing Programme: A preliminary description (04/14/1998; Abbott & Crabtree)
  • QS/SO with CFH12K: The Operational Model (01/11/1999; Martin & Crabtree)
  • QS/SO with CFH12k: An Outline of the Scheduling Software (03/15/1999; Martin & Crabtree)
  • QS/SO with CFH12k: Guidelines for the Telescope Allocation Committees (04/30/1999; Martin & Crabtree)