Abridged version of Pegasus Release 9401

14 February 1994

This is a summary of the changes made to the Pegasus software in the new release. All modifications are in effect as of the above date.

Redeyen (redeye narrow field) and redeyew (redeye wide field) were created. These replace the redeye account. The purpose of this is mainly to provide a unique instrument card in the FITS headers. As a side benefit, it can provide better pre-run checkouts and lab test environments.

Most of our data acquisition accounts are now running on Mars (an HP 9000/730) -- this translates into much "snappier" user interface response.

A new FITS card has been introduced for all CCD instruments. INTTIMER is the integration time requested. INTTIME is the (supposed) actual integration time, but it seems to have been unreliable in the Generation III controller. A permanent fix is ongoing by that project group.

So that the user gets some feeling that the exposure has started when many handlers are involved (e.g. MOSFP has 5 which run before the exposure starts ), the "ccd" program was modified to print "Exposure beginning, checking resources, please be patient ..." to the feedback window.

The Pegasus reserved characters -- " # { } -- "work-around" is now released. The software will not allow any of these characters to be typed into a form.

"Tools" button added to PSM. Contains xcalc (a versatile HP calculator), xpoint (tool to relieve the grease pen usage on the workstations), Xmosaic (weather pictures and on-line manuals), and obsweather (summit weather conditions). Note that xcalc is no longer in the root window menu.

The Pegasus file management tool now does Exabyte and DAT tape writing. Note that 9-track tape option is not currently offered even though it is still in the form. Should a lack of interest for 9-track tape be the case, the form will have that option removed as well.

IQE now has an option to do FWHM along major and minor axes (rather than just X and Y axes). This should be the preferred option for IQE usage (it is selectable).

Printing to Hale Pohaku is now an option available in the root window menu.

Obsweather (realtime display of summit weather conditions) has been updated with new input sensors. It may be run from most workstations and X terminals at CFHT facilities.

New FITS cards added:

INTTIMER=          -9999.9 / integration time requested (seconds)
DETSIZE1=            -9999 / detector size in axis 1 direction 
DETSIZE2=            -9999 / detector size in axis 2 direction
PIXSIZE =            -9999 / pixel size (microns)
ZEROPIX = 'Null    '       / illegal zero-valued pixels detected 
XPROBE  =          -9999.9 / X position of guide probe
YPROBE  =          -9999.9 / Y position of guide probe
ZPROBE  =          -9999.9 / Z position of guide probe