Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

A User's Manual For the CCD Data Acquisition User Interface

Adjusting your environment

Moving windows

Position the pointer in the title bar of the window. The title bar is the rectangular area across the top of the window with lettering in it. When properly positioned, the pointer is an arrowhead.

Press down and hold the left mouse button. You now may move this window to the location of your choice.

Resizing windows

To generalize, you can change the size of a window by grabbing an area of the window's frame with the pointer, dragging the frame to the desired size, and then releasing the frame.

When you have the pointer positioned correctly, the pointer's shape will be an arrowhead indicating the direction in which the window will either grow or shrink.

Grabbing the frame is accomplished by pressing and holding down the left button.

One caveat here though, some windows do not have a frame. Refer to the session display figure for a clue. You will notice that the feedback window has a frame which can be used to resize that window (and also has a title bar), while the disk meter, clock and load meter all have only a title bar and can not be resized.

To bring a partially concealed window to the front of the root window without selecting from a menu, click on the window's frame with the left button.

Iconifying a window

Read this section with a grain of salt. While we don't encourage users to iconify windows, unless they are sure of the consequences, the more advanced users can definitely take advantage of this feature. We include this section more to help you deiconify than vice versa.

Icons are small graphical images. Programs executing in an iconified window continue to execute until they finish or halt because they require input from you. A side-effect here is that you could obstruct the observing process by having a crucial window iconified and awaiting input.

To iconify a window, first locate the minimize button. It is the small square immediately to the right of the title bar on the window frame. Refer to the session display figure. Press the minimize button by clicking on it with the left button.

Poof! You now have an icon sitting over on the lower left side of the root window. To move the icon elsewhere, position the pointer on the icon, press and hold the left button, drag the pointer to the new location, and release the left button.

Normalizing (change back to regular sized window) is done by simply positioning the pointer on the icon and double-clicking the left mouse button.

Caveat here though, some windows do not have a minimize button. This is either because we do not wish to let that window be iconified, or it is not feasible to iconify it.

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