CFHT, Instruments, Imaging, FOCAM, Trouble Shooting.

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

A User's Manual for the CFHT Visible Imager: FOCAM

Trouble Shooting

Slow Response

Be patient when activating forms; typical opening time is currently 4 sec for the forms.

If very slow CPU/load very high: there is a good probability that there is a runaway process that needs to be killed: call the software group ASAP.

No light on chip

Telescope/bonnette focus too far from nominal (very big defocussed images may give the impression of no light): adjust focus.

FOCAM not working

Other Problems

We strongly encourage you to report ANY problem either to your support Astronomer or technical staff BY PHONE DURING THE NIGHT. Quite often, messages transmitted at the end of the night via the recording machine and night report do not contain the necessary information for us to decide if some technical action is needed during the day. Proper communication is the best way to ensure that problems are fixed quickly.


Acknowledgments of Version 1

First off all, Carol Christian has to be warmfully thanked for her work while she was at CFHT. This manual contains many of the critical bits and pieces of information she gathered along the years. Chris Clark has provided the latest information on the CCDs. John Kerr, Steve Smith and Jim Wright have provided detailed information on the Data Acquisition system. Kim Sweeney has been most helpful in producing "postscript" files from Auto-CAD used for illustrations.

Many staff and visiting astronomers have contributed to various aspects of this manual, not the least being the CCD photometric coefficients.

Acknowledgments of Version 2

I wish to thank Phil Cizdziel and Dan McKenna for the latest information on CCD's. William Cruise, and Scot McArthur answered many questions on the proper use of the TCS and the bonnettes operation. The CFHT TO's, Ken Barton, John Hamilton, and Norman Purves feedbacks have been very helpful in establishing the procedures described in this manual. Thanks to Jim Wright who guided me on the "html" path for the conversion of this manual on mosaic.

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