CFHT, Instruments, Imaging, FOCAM, Appendix.

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

A User's Manual for the CFHT Visible Imager: FOCAM

Appendix A

For the transmission curves of our UBVRI filters click here. These curves refer to CFHT filters #1307, #1413 and #1412, #1510, #1611 and #1612, #1808 and #1809.

Appendix B

For the CFHT FOCAM filter list, follow this hyperlink@.

Appendix C

Staff astronomer check list

Appendix D

Sample of the FOCAM observation Logsheet.

The sample log sheet enclosed can be duplicated on a legal size paper format (8.5x14 inches), with an enlargement factor of 1.35.

Appendix E

Click here for a list of standard fields.

Reference: Christian, C., Africano, J., Adams, M., Barnes, J., Butcher, H., Mould, V., and Siegel, M., 1985, P.A.S.P, 97, 363; also Odewahn et al., 1992, P.A.S.P., 104, 553.

Appendix F

The average photometric coefficients for the CFHT CCD's are listed in this table.

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