mana user's guide
accum accumulate vector values in another vector
applyfit apply fit coeffs to generate vector
applyfit2d apply fit coeffs to generate vector
biassub subtract medianed overscan row or column
box draw a box on the plot
buffers list the currently allocated buffers
buftovec convert an image buffer to a single vector
center center the Kii window at coords
clear erase plot
clip clip values in a buffer to be within a range
cmpload load stars from a cmp file on overlay
concat expand vector dimension
contour send contour to overlay
coords load coordinates for buffer from file
create create a new vector
cursor get coordinates from the Kii window
cut extract a cut across an image
cval small median image
datafile define file to read vectors
delete delete a buffer
demux demux an image pixels interleaved in Nx by Ny sections
device set / get current graphics device
dimendown convert matrix to vector
dimenup convert vector to matrix
drizzle transform image to image
erase erase objects on an overlay
extract extract a portion of a buffer into another buffer
fft1d fft on the pixel-stream in an image
fft2d fft on an image
file test file
fit least-squares fit to vectors
fit2d least-squares fit to vectors
flux flux in a convex contour
gauss get statistics on a star, assuming gaussian profile
gaussj solve Ax = B (N-D)
getchr find character in string
grid wait until return is typed
header print buffer header
histogram histogram of vector
imfit fit function
imhist histogram of an image region
integrate integrate a vector
interpolate interpolate between vector pairs
jpeg interpolate between vector pairs
kern convolve with 3x3 kernel
keyword extract a FITS keyword from buffer header
labels define labels for plot
limits define plot limits
load load an SAOimage style overlay
mcreate create a matrix
medianmap small median image
memory long listing of the allocated memory
mget extract a vector from a matrix
minterp interpolate image pixels
mkgauss insert a gaussian in an image
mset insert a vector in a matrix
multifit solve for overlapping orders in ESI data
objload load stars from an obj file on overlay
outline vector statistics
peak find vector peak in range
plot plot a pair of vectors
point load overlay with single point
profile radial profile at X, Y
ps make PS file from Kii
rd read an image from a file
read read vectors from datafile
rebin rebin data by factor of N
resize change Kii window size
roll roll image to new start point
rotate rotate image
save save an SAOimage style overlay
scalen get / set real bzero / bscale values
section define section of graph
select selective vector assignment
set do image arithmetic
sexigesimal convert to/from sexigesimal/decimal
shift shift data in an image
simsignal simulate sine-wave with Nbit A/D and given S/N
sort sort vectors by key
spline.apply apply spline fit to generate an image
spline.construct create spline 2nd deriv. terms
sprintf formatted print to a variable
star star stats at rough coords
stats give statistics on a portion of a buffer
strlen string length
style set the style for graph plots
subset reduce vector dimension
substr substring
svd singular value decomposition of a matrix
swapbytes byte swap thing
textline write text on Kapa window
tv display an image on the Kii window
uniq create a uniq vector subset from a vector
unsign toggle the UNSIGN status
vclip clip values in a vector to be within a range
vcontour create contour vectors
vectors list vectors
vstat vector statistics
wd write an image to a file
write write vectors to datafile
zap delete pixels
zplot plot x y with size scaled by z