imreg.db tools

add information about gconfig variables used

imregister (filename) [-split] [-noreg] [-v] [-needtype] [elixir options]
Register an image in the imreg database. The -split option tells imregister that a single CCD frame is one of multiple frames in a split image. The -noreg option shows the processing information without updating the database table. The -v turns on verbosity. The -needtype requires the image type to be one of the known types to be registered.
imsort (filename) [-split] [-noreg] [-v] [-needtype] [elixir options]
identical to 'imregister', but also send entries as appropriate to the imstats and ptolemy elixir fifos. If -noreg is selected, the fifo entries are created without the imreg.db update.
showiminfo (filename) [-split] [-noreg] [-v] [elixir options]
list image information extracted from the header, as used to update imreg.
imstatreg (fits) (stats) (sdat) [-split] [-noreg] [-v] [-needtype] [elixir options]
add image statistics (seeing, bias, sky) to the image entry in the imreg table. The (fits) file need only contain the relevant header of the image (used to find the appropriate image in the table). The (stats) file consists of the values sky and bias for MEF and SPLIT images, while for other modes, there must be an addtional entry starting each line: CCD. The meaning is undefined for SINGLE, and usually set to 0. For CUBE it is the number of slices in the cube, while for SLICE, it is the slice entry.
imstatreg -daemon [-v] [-status] [-kill] [-delay Nsec] [elixir options]
Start / Stop / Query the imstatreg daemon. To facility the database I/O, imstatreg updates are written to a buffer table (imreg.reg.bfr), which is occasionally merged with the master table with the imstatreg daemon.The -delay option defines the frequency at which imstatreg -daemon updates the database table.
imregtable (filename) [elixir options]
merge the given imreg.db table with the current master table.
search the imreg.db table for images, filterd by the options given in the arguments. The table below lists all options to imsearch.
options which limit the image selection
[-type type] limit by image type (BIAS, DARK, OBJECT, etc)
[-mode mode] limit by image mode (SINGLE, SPLIT, MEF, CUBE, SLICE)
[-trange start stop/range] limit by date range (second argument may be an end date or a time range)
[-ccd name] limit by CCD; use CCD ids, not sequence numbers (ccd00 not 00)
[-etime exptime] limit by exposure time (seconds)
[-filter name] limit by filter name
[-name string] limit by image name (matches substring of full image name)
[-proc t/f] include only processed / unprocessed images (bias != 0)
[-dist t/f] include only distributed images (table send to CADC)
options which modify the output format
[-treg] list the registered times, not exposure times
[-seq] print CCD sequence numbers, not IDs
[-pt] print the list in ptolemy input format
[-table] generate a complete ascii FITS table output
[-cadctable] generate the CADC raw table (one row per mosaic, includes mosaic IQ stats)
[-bintable] generate a complete binary FITS table (can be used as new database)
options which modify the database table
[-delete] delete the selected images
[-modify (options)] modify certain fields of the selected images