DVO commands
abszero find filter zeropts
applyfit apply fit to new vector
applyfit2d apply 2-d fit to new vector
badimages look for images with anomalous astrometry
box draw a box on the plot
buffers list the currently allocated buffers
calextract extract photometry calibration
calmextract extract photometry calibration
cals plot calibration data
catalog plot catalog stars
ccd plot color-color diagram
ccdextract extract star coords from color-color diagram
center center image on coords
cgrid plot sky coordinate grid
clear erase plot
cmatch match two catalogs
cmd plot cmd of stars in current region
cmdextract extract stars based on cmd regions
cmpread read data from cmp format files
concat reduce vector dimension
contour create contour from image
cplot plot vectors in sky coordinates
create create a new vector
csystem convert between coordinate systems
ctimes convert between time formats
cursor get coords from cursor
czplot plot scaled vectors in sky coordinates
datafile define file to read vectors
date get current date
ddmagextr plot magnitude differences
ddmags plot magnitude differences
delete delete vectors or matrices
device set / get current graphics device
dmagextract extract stars based on differential magnitudes between filters
dmags plot differential magnitudes between filters
dmt plot mag scatter
dumpmags custom dB dumping thingy
elixir get status info from elixir
extract extract vectors from catalogs
file test for a file
fit fit polynomial to vector pair
fit2d fit 2-d polynomial to vector triplet
gaussj solve Ax = B (N-D)\n
gcat get catalog at location
gimages get images at location
grid plot cartesian grid
gstar get star statistics
gtypes get type fractions
histogram generate histogram from vector
images plot image boxes
imbox plot expected image box
imdata extract data for specific images
imdense image density plot
imextract extract vectors from catalogs
imlist list image info
imphot image photometry info
imrough get info from imruf database
imsearch get info from imreg database
imstats plot image statistics
interpolate interpolate between vector pairs
jpeg write text line on graph
labels define labels for plot
lcat list catalogs in region
lcurve plot lightcurve for a star
limits define plot limits
mcreate create a matrix
mextract extract vectors from catalogs
mget extract a vector from a matrix
mset insert a vector in a matrix
pcat plot catalog boundaries
photcodes list photometry codes
photresid plot photometry residuals
plot plot a pair of vectors
pmeasure plot individual measurements
precess precess coordinates
print write vectors to file
procks plot rocks
ps define labels for plot
rd load fits image
read read vectors from datafile
region define sky region for plot
resid plot residuals
resize set graphics/image window size
section define section of graph
set vector math
simage plot stars in an image
sort sort list of vectors
sprintf formated print to variable
stats give statistics on a portion of a buffer
style set the style for graph plots
subpix get subpixel positions
subraster subraster of fits image
subset expand vector dimension
textline write text line on graph
tv display an image on the Kii window
uniq create a uniq vector subset from a vector
vclip clip a vector
vectobuf convert vector triplet to buffer
vectors list vectors
vstat get info from imreg database
wd write an image to a file
write write vectors to datafile
zap delete pixels
zeropts show filter zeropts
zplot plot x y with size scaled by z