detrend.db tools
detregister (filename) [elixir options]
Register a detrend image in the detrend database. The image parameters are automatically loaded from the image header, but can be forced with command-line options if needed. The database consists of a database table and a hierarchy of directories. The registered image is copied to the directory structure, assigned an appropriate name based on the data type, and an entry added to the database table. Below, the command-line options are listed. The matched keyword define the header keywords used to automatically identify the values. Keywords starting with $ represent the configuration variables which provide abstract names to define the real keywords. The idiosyncratic header filter name is converted to the Elixir internal filter name based on the filter name table $FILTER_LIST.
option equivalent keyword description
-time (start) (stop) TV_START, TV_STOP
-label (label) N/A
-ID (ID) N/A
-order (N) N/A
-exptime (seconds) $EXPTIME-KEYWORD
-filter (name) $FILTER-KEYWORD
detsearch [search options] [elixir options]
Examine the contents of the detrend database, with options to filter the output.
options which limit the image selection
-label (label) select images by label
-ID (ID) select images by ID
-order (N) select images by order
-type (type) select images by type (FLAT, etc)
-mode (mode) select images by mode (MEF, etc)
-ccd (ccdID) select images by CCD ID
-exptime (seconds) select images by exposure time
-filter (name) select images by filter
-time (time) select images for given point in time
-trange (start) (stop) select images for given time range
-entry (entry) select images by entry number
-match (number) select images by match number
-name (name) select images by name
-mosaic (filename) select images appropriate to given mosaic
-image (file) (ccd) (mode) select images appropriate to given CCD image
options which modify the output format
-tstop print stop time, not start time
-treg print registration time, not start time
-ve print SUCCESS / FAILURE on exit
-quiet do not print SUCCESS / FAILURE on exit
-fits (output) write ASCII FITS table (appropriate for CFHT-LS)
-binfits(output) write binary FITS table (can be used as database table)
-chipname provide chip-specific name for MEF entry (ie flat.fits[ccd00])
options which modify the behavior
-select select 'best' detrend image, include complete path
-recipe select all detrend images in recipe for this filter
-h, --help list help information
-criteria list input criteria, not database entries
options which modify the database table
-delete, -del delete the selected images
-altpath add add selected images to altpath
-altpath del remove selected images from altpath
-altpath update update altpath value based on file existence
-modify modify selected database fields