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1 GENERAL INFORMATION for the observers

Accounts, passwords, configuration files

Makani (and other data reduction Sun workstations) HP observing workstations

Emergency calls

If you need help, always first check with your OA, who may have an immediate answer or may know who has one. If you cannot rapidly (i.e. <5mn) come to a solution with the OA, call your support astronomer, who has the benefit of more oxygen than you do. Even when calling your support astronomer is unnecessary to solve a given problem, do make sure he/she will be informed about any problem encountered during the night. Minor problems can be reported through email, but anything that leads to a significant (>15mn) loss of observing time must be reported by phone during the night. Don't be afraid to wake up your support astronomer!

PLEASE always report the exact time of the problem, as well as the associated filename(s) when relevant. This can save us hours of painful digging through logfiles...

It is crucial that you do not leave any problem unreported, as it could endanger the next observing night, either yours or the next observer's. Never leave the summit without making sure that the OA has informed the SA that some action is required on the following day!

Data archiving

DAT or EXABYTE tapes are available at the telescope ($15, to be charged to your institute), if you did not bring your own. Please do not wait until the very last minute to ask your OA.


It is wise to send a copy of your logbook sheets to your SA at the end of your run, in case we need to help you in the analysis of a problem you discovered after leaving CFHT (missing or corrupted file, unusual instrument behavior,...).

Observer's report

Use the form available on to prepare your report at the end of your run. Try to itemize and give informations as precise as possible (filename(s) used as evidence of a problem, quantitative data showing the degree of completion of your program,...).

Data processing in Waimea

If you would like to reduce your data in Waimea after your run, please organize this in advance with your SA.

Log sheets

Log sheets are available, ask your OA or SA.